QUEINS Solutions: Machines for cable and ropes

We supply stranding machines for metal wires aluminum and copper, steel wires or textile strands such as Kevlar or the like.

Stranding machines

  • Rigid strander
  • Planetary strander
  • Tubular strander
  • Bar strander
  • Planetary strander for CTC
  • Vertical strander
  • Bow strander
  • Skip strander
  • Drum twister
Planetary strander for umbilicalsPlanetary strander for umbilicals
Planetary strander for ctcPlanetary strander for ctc
Rigid stranderRigid strander
Bow stranderBow strander
Tubular stranderTubular strander
Planetary stranderPlanetary strander
Skip stranderSkip strander
Drum twisterDrum twister
Vertical stranderVertical strander

We supply armouring machines for underground cable, mine cable, submarine cable and umbilicals with flat or round steel wires or for armouring with Kevlar strings.

Armouring machines

  • Rigid strander
  • Planetary strander
  • Kevlar armouring line
  • Taping head
Armouring line for umbilicalsArmouring line for umbilicals
Planetary stranderPlanetary strander
Rigid stranderRigid strander
Kevlar armouring lineKevlar armouring line
Steel taping headSteel taping head

We supply bunching machines for single wires or multiple bundles.

Bunching machines

  • Single twist buncher
  • Double twist buncher
Double twist buncherDouble twist buncher
Double twist buncherDouble twist buncher
Single twist buncherSingle twist buncher

Our range of taping machines is very versatile. It includes horizontal taping machines, concentric or eccentric design. Vertical taping machines are also part of our scope of supply.

Taping machines

  • Steel taping head
  • Tangential taping head
  • Concentric taping head
  • Vertical taping head
  • Direct taper
Steel taping headSteel taping head
Tangentiall taping headTangentiall taping head
Concentric taping headConcentric taping head
Direct taperDirect taper
Vertical taping headVertical taping head

We supply capstans in all established designs as single or double disc capstans for pulling forces up to 140 tons. We built belt type capstans the classical way with 2 belts or with 4 belts for special applications.

Capstans machines

  • Single disc capstans
  • Double disc capstans
  • Belt type capstans, 2 belt design
  • Belt type capstans, 4 belt design
  • Tiltable belt type capstans
  • Rotating belt type capstans
Double disc capstanDouble disc capstan
Caterpillar capstanCaterpillar capstan
Four-belt caterpillar capstanFour-belt caterpillar capstan
Tiltable caterpillar capstanTiltable caterpillar capstan
Rotating caterpillar capstanRotating caterpillar capstan

Pay-offs and take-ups are built in different designs. For small weights and small spools as cantilever type, for higher weights as column type and for especially heavy cables or ropes as selftraversing pay-offs/take-ups. We built pay-offs/take-ups for all applications, such as winding of blank conductors, isolated conductors/cables, steel strands/ropes, umbilicals, steel tubes or continuously transposed conductors (CTC).

Unwinding / Winding machines

  • stationary pay-offs/take-ups
  • selftraversing pay-offs/take-ups
  • Portal-type take-ups
  • Bridge-type take-ups
  • A-shape take-ups
stationary pay-off/take-upstationary pay-off/take-up
Portal-type take-upPortal-type take-up
selftraversing take-upselftraversing take-up
Bridge-type take-upBridge-type take-up
A-shape take-upA-shape take-up

We supply extruders ranging from screw ø of 30-200mm. The screw length depends on the isolating material to be processed. Our extrusion lines are operating for insulation of conductors or cable jacketing and also for injection of plastic material in steel ropes. We supply individual extruders and also complete extrusion lines.

Isolating / Extruding machines

  • Insulation extrusion
  • Jacketing extrusion
  • Extruders
  • Extrusion lines
Triple-extrusion lineTriple-extrusion line

Our rod breakdown machines are suitable for cable manufacturers with small tonnage of copper and aluminum to be processed per month. Drawing machines for medium and multiple wire drawing machines add to our scope of supply.

Wire drawing machines

  • Copper
  • Aluminum
  • Special drawing machines
  • Drawing blocks
  • Rod breakdown machines
  • Drawing machines for medium wire
  • Fine wire drawing machines
  • Multiwire drawing machines
Drawing lineDrawing line
Drawing machineDrawing machine
Double spoolerDouble spooler
Barrel coilerBarrel coiler


 QueinsMachines Catalogue machines disponibles 2018 QueinsMachines Catalogue machines disponibles 2018

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Our worldwide customers produce hundreds of kilometers of power cable and special cable every year.

Inform yourself about our manufacturing range for new machines and inspect our offered used machine equipment. We will be pleased to help you selecting the right production line for your needs.

The idea to supply world-wide customers not only with new equipment but also with reconditioned cable making machinery was started by Mr. Hans Georg Queins in 1974. His long-term experience in a leading position at a famous German machine manufacturer for new machines for the cable industry and rope industry lead to obtaining high acceptance among the attended customers.

The strategic choice of personnel for the further development of new machine designs for the cable industry and rope industry was the next step.

By consulting our world-wide customers for the cable industry and rope industry we are continuously completing the offered range. For all questions regarding production and choice of the suitable machine you will find the right partner in QUEINS Machines GmbH.

By consulting our world-wide customers for the cable industry and rope industry we are continuously completing the offered range. Our target is to support our customers in their production with the delivery of a suitably adapted machine. Besides the standard machines for the production of cables and ropes in general, we also supply huge production lines for special industries like for example the OFFSHORE industry or the transformer industry.chine you will find the right partner in QUEINS Machines GmbH.

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